Story Starters: Writing Made Fun {116 pages}

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Welcome to our first Story Starters: Writing Made Fun for grades 1st-7th. This e-book contains 20 story starter topics. Each story is written to be used for all your children in mind. It is written with the dotted lines for your younger children and wide spaced lines for your older children.  This exciting e-book encompasses

  • 5 National Park stories
  • 5 Famous People stories
  • 5 History stories
  • 5 Science stories.

I want this e-book to help encourage children of all ages to write and be imaginative. With a little research, your child will be able to write these stories. Your child will investigate things like

  • What it was like to be a slave being saved by Harriet Tubman
  • Running from the Kilauea Volcano as it erupts
  • Exploring Yellowstone National Park riding a bison
 Join our family writing fun stories while learning! Come join the adventure!
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