Pick Your Words

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Pick Your Words is a game geared for children 6+ (or a child who can write simple 3 letter words). Pick Your Words is a creative writing game where your student picks 3 words blindly and write sentences, essays, or any narrative your student is working on. 

I use this with my daughter who struggles to retain the words she is learning to read. She is learning to read and this game has been a great addition to help her create her own sentences. 

This game can be used to practice spelling words or even challenge your student to enhance their vocabulary! 

Join our family and play Pick Your Words with us!

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Customer Reviews

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Fun, Interactive, Versatile Learning

I am really excited about adding this to our curriculum! This is something that we can use current words and spelling words, but also sight words. I am going to be taking this on the go. We can use this while we wait in lines, wait at restaurants, do in the car, or when we travel. It is fun, interactive, and versatile. It allows growth while playing a game. I am also going to use this for math concepts, symbols, and words.

What a Great Game!

This is such a great idea! For once my daughter went through all her reading lesson words without a single "I can't", "I don't want to", "I don't know what letter/word that is", "I don't want to read today", "I don't want to write", "I'm too tired", or any other complaint that I usually get when it comes to reading and writing! We had a friend over and they both enjoyed playing the game and even asked to play it again later!

Great spelling or vocabulary activity!

I added this to my little ones spelling box (a variety of activities to help my little one practice spelling without realizing it!). Normally getting her to write her 3 sentences a day is a bit of a struggle. Using this set up she enjoyed the most detested part of her spelling because it was a game. I look forward to using it in the future for spelling and with harder vocabulary words. Thanks for creating this!