Creative Littles {200+ Pages}

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Creative Littles is a printable program designed for children ages 2-5 years old and special needs children. Creative Littles engages children in a multi-sensory approach to learning the alphabet. This program focuses on identifying and retaining the letters in the alphabet. There are 4 parts to this program. 

  • Upper Case Letters: Each letter has worksheets comprising of handwriting, drawing, and coloring.
  • Lower Case Letters: Each letter has worksheets comprising of handwriting, gluing and cutting, and coloring. 
  • Games: Contains 10 Bingo cards and Flash Cards (Cards can be used for Flash Cards, Memory Game, and Go Fish)
  • Craft: Each letter has a letter that can be used as a Letter Placemat. This mat when laminated can be used to make letters with playdough, sand, shaving cream or even trace the letter with your finger.

My daughter struggled learning and retaining the alphabet, but through this program, I was able to teach my daughter to recognize and retain this fundamental information. I have learned so much from her through this process. I want to share it with you! I will guide you through this program and help you teach your child their alphabet.   

When you buy Creative Littles you will get FREE upgrades to Creative Littles for life. I want to continue to grow activities and worksheets for children to learn from. I already have a couple of upgrades stored away in my head, and I can NOT WAIT to make them!

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Customer Reviews

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Fun pages for my PreK

My PreK learner loves the cute pages and is excited to do her next worksheet. Fun letter cards for learning letter names and sounds.

Love this program

As a homeschooling mom with two special needs kids I am always looking for stuff to keep the kids engaged. My oldest is 7 and her brother is 4 1/2. My daughter has multiple disabilities including ASD and ADHD, her brother was just diagnosed as being on the spectrum as well. Either way for those of you unsure about using this program with special needs children rest assured it can work. Both of my kids absolutely hate handwriting but the way Creative Littles is layed out they LOVE IT!! NO FUSSING OR WHINING. My kids want to do the work and it's so very helpful that it's applicable across a wide age range. Every one can work at their own pace and no one feels left out. Thanks Laurie so much for creating this🙂

Complete, Multi-Sensory Alphabet Program

If you are looking for an engaging way to introduce your child to the world of letters, these printable sheets will become your child’s new best friend. They are cute & engaging and you can be sure they provide a thorough review of each letter. Laurie is so creative! This cohesive kit makes learning letters EASY!

Fun and adaptable!

I have three kiddos I am currently schooling-- 6yo K, 4yo Pre-K, and a 3yo Pre-Schooler. This is great product. I love that I can use it with all three of my kiddos. The littlest can color/decorate the letter for introduction, my middle is really starting to learn the sounds and form the letters and enjoys the activities and worksheets, and my oldest enjoys these activities plus uses the game cards to play games, 'teach' the younger kids, and spells the words she's learning to read. Overall, this is a wonderful product and I am looking forward to using it for years to come!

Great Product!

This is a fun alphabet program and just what my kids need. My oldest (in Kindergarten) is VERY artsy, she loves to color and draw. Just plain copy work or repetitive practice of writing is incredibly boring for her (as it is for most kids, I would imagine), so having the extra coloring/drawing aspect is PERFECT for her! My youngest is 3, and she is not quite to the right stage of attempting to trace or write letters, but I'm looking forward to using this with her too since she is very tactile and I think the extra game cards and cut/paste activities will be just what she needs!